Dominion Card Picker v1.6.7

Dominion by Donald X. Vaccarino. Card Picker by Toskk with contributions from Dominoid.

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Dominion: Min. Max.
Intrigue: Min. Max.
Seaside: Min. Max.
Alchemy: Min. Max.

Prosperity: Min. Max.
Cornucopia: Min. Max.
Hinterlands: Min. Max.
Dark Ages: Min. Max.
Guilds: Min. Max.
Adventures: Min. Max.
Empires: Min. Max.

Nocturne: Min. Max.

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For card restrictions, enter the exact name of each card, including capitalization. Use a comma with no space to enter multiple cards (e.g. Navigator,Possession).

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Cost 1: Min. Max.
Cost 2
: Min. Max.
Cost 3: Min. Max.
Cost 4: Min. Max.
Cost 5: Min. Max.
Cost 6: Min. Max.
Cost 7: Min. Max.
Colony/Platinum Selection Method Shelters Selection Method Defaults

Apply recommended card picker settings to produce games most similar to ‘suggested games’ found in the various set rulebooks. Applies to Functional Restrictions and Cost Restrictions.