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DFA/Wizardline News
Our 12th Franny!           
We are honored to have received our franchise's tenth Franny at WWR 2016. The Wizards are integral to that success.
DFA Official Partner   
Wizardline Technologies, Inc. is proud to continue its longstanding partnership with the DFA.

Make sure you read our article in The Voice magazine entitled "I want my customers back. Not just some of them. All of them!". In the article I discuss how to find and keep customers who may have been turned off by our recent product changes using our MVP Utility and Brian Edler's Domino's Dream Pizza concept. It's a great read so please check it out.

In the article I refer to a specifically worded email/letter that Brian uses to introduce the concept to his customers. Here is that communication:


My name is Brian Edler and I am the owner of the Domino's Pizza store in Defiance. I am very sorry you do not like the New Inspired Pizza and would like to apologize. I am even more sorry you think you wasted $26.96. I will be more than happy to make a few different pizzas for you for FREE until we figure out the combination of our pizza products that will be the one you CRAVE in the future. I call this the Domino's DREAM Pizza Project and I am asking you to become one of only a handful of members that are in this exclusive club. I care about every customer and will do whatever it takes to keep you not only happy but make Domino's Pizza your first choice for Pizza, Sandwiches, Pasta, Catering and every other thing we make. You will get to decide not only what toppings you want just like everyone else, but the specific design of your future pizzas from the crust, to the sauce style and portion, to the cheese blend choosing from 7 different flavors all with a 1-year locked in discount to become a customer for life. I can't wait to get this started with you and your family.

Please call my cell phone and speak with me personally. I have been making pizzas for almost 28 years. I could not be more excited about the improvements we have made over the last 18 months to our entire menu including recently our New and Inspired Pizzas. I am confident I can come up with a pizza design using our menu that will make you want to order Domino's Pizza every time. The percentage of people that have not liked the New and Inspired Pizza has been small but each and every customer is important to me. I do not want to lose one, including you and your family. Between my four Domino's Pizza stores, I have personally spoken with 5 people over the last month that did not like one thing or the other about the New and Inspired Domino's Pizza. We have been able to make at least two combinations of our pizzas for each that they not only liked but most said was the best pizza they ever had. After getting their favorite combination figured out we just put notes into their ordering file in our computer and we make their Domino's DREAM Pizza like that for them every time from then on. I did have to make 8 different pizzas for one family, but we did come up with two versions that they now Love and have actually ordered over 5 times in the last 3 weeks.

All the testing is on me and until we give this a 10 pizza chance or actually design your Domino's DREAM Pizza you will pay for nothing. Call me and I will find out what you like, dislike and Love about not only our pizza but all pizza you have ever eaten. Together, I am sure we will be able to develop your family's personal DOMINO'S DREAM PIZZA order. If we are unsuccessful, you will at least eat a few FREE Domino's Pizzas over the next month or so. I am very happy you took the time to let me know you did not like the New and Inspired Domino's Pizza as this feedback helps not only my stores locally but also Domino's Pizza on a national level.

Once again I am sorry for your inconvenience but please call me so you can eat some FREE pizzas on me and decide what your new Domino's DREAM Pizza order will be.

Waiting to hear from you.




We are pleased to announce that we are a Partner with the DFA. Here is the announcement as sent out from Ken Peebles:

DFA Partners With Wizardline Technologies!

Wizardline Technologies, Inc. is proud to continue its strong relationship with the DFA. Shawn Brunelle's Wizards have been around for nearly a decade and have helped thousands of franchisees, supervisors and managers to raise sales and improve their profits through technology. The Wizard's helped Shawn to claim the Domino's Pizza National Franchise Supervisor of the Year in 2001, a DFA Franchisee Mentor Award in 2004 and the coveted DFA Richard P. Mueller Service Award in 2007.

This year [2009], Shawn has introduced the latest "Wizard" called Virtual Supervisor and in only six months over 800 stores have enjoyed this new product. Now, wherever you have an internet connection, you have instant access to all your store data via the web. Not just historical data, but also what is happening in your stores right now! If you're not watching your stores, the wizards are doing it for you. Using proven Audit Wizard technology, they monitor your store's order activity and if they find suspicious manipulation they will text message or email you the second they see it. Catching thieves has never been easier or quicker!

With this new DFA partnership, you will save up to 25% off your subscription. To see the detailed savings plan, please visit:

As with all Wizard products, there's no fee until you are satisfied that there's a return on investment for services. Virtual Supervisor comes with a 30-day FREE trial period.

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DFA Official Partner

Wizardline Technologies, Inc. is pleased to be among an elite group of vendors working closely with the DFA and is pleased to be considered a partner.