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Wizardly News    
Our 12th Franny!           
We are honored to have received our franchise's twelfth Franny in 2018. The Wizards are integral to that success.
DFA Official Partner   
Wizardline Technologies, Inc. is proud to continue its longstanding partnership with the DFA.
Guardian Angel
Near Real Time Monitoring
We scan your store looking for order manipulation, blown service or labor, and more. When we find something, you get a text message instantly.
Pulse NOW
Real Time Data
Run reports and features on today's data and get quick snapshots of what's going on right now. Things such as sales, service, labor and much more.
Polling/Audit Wizard
Historical Data
All your favorite Polling and Audit Wizard reports and much more in a friendly online environment accessible anywhere you have an internet connection.
Awards for the Wizardline
2018, 2017, 2016 -
Gold Franny (our 12th Franny)
2010 - Dale Hoose Service Award
2007 -
DFA RPM Service Award
2004 -
DFA Mentor Award
2001 -
Domino's Pizza Franchise
             Supervisor of the Year
Why We're Special
Together with our franchise partners we own 32 Domino's Pizza stores in New England. Out of frustrations we've experienced in our franchise, we have been developing tools and applications to help franchisees improve sales and profits for over a decade. It is this perspective that makes us uniquely qualified to help you bring your business to the next level. We're one of you!
Virtual Supervisor

Virtual Supervisor is a blanket term for three services currently offered from Wizardline Technologies, Inc. When used together, our programs will help maximize your sales and profits by reducing the time it takes you to perform your current daily routine as well as highlighting areas in your business that would result in a maximum return on investment.